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Types of Off Road Racing

Off road racing is a leisure activity that anyone can participate in. Off road racing has come a long way and has seen a lot of changes. There are different types of off road racing. Vehicles such as motorcycles, trucks, and cars are the ones that participate in this sport. Regardless of age, condition, or race, off road racing is a form of sport that brings people together. The only difference is the terms set for a specific race.

At the beginning of every race, you can select the categories you wish to participate. Each competition has a set of rules that should be strictly adhered to. Breaking the rules for these off road races may carry severe consequences. Worst case scenario, one may get disqualified from the race. The table is set out evenly, and the best driver wins the race. There are two main categories in off road racing and they are desert, and short course racing.

The only place where desert racing happens is in the desert. The first race ever was held in the Mexican desert, and this was in 1967 after the national off road racing Association was formed. It was initially named the Mexican 1000, though it was later changed to Baja 1000. Most races take place on government land and are set in miles. For different vehicles, the distance covered is determined by the suspension system set up together with the size of the engine. This owes to the fact that different vehicles have different engine sizes as well as suspension systems that handle stress and strain differently. The number of miles covered by each vehicle can be determined other factors apart from the ones I have mentioned above.

Short course races and desert racing are different because they are short. These short course races are typically held in strips of less than five miles. Gravel tips, washboards, jumps and left and right turns common in short course races. Other short course races take place in stadiums hence the name Stadium racing. The government used to support these races previously. Because of the lack of government support, these races are now supported and promoted by private entities.

Hill climb racing is another form of off road racing, and it takes place on hills. A race of any form, that takes place on unpaved or unspecified tracks is still regarded as off road racing. Desert racing and short course racing are the main forms of off road races that I have discussed above. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to participate either as a competitor or as a thrill seeking adventurer. You can try out racing today if you have never done it before. For as long as you have the right equipment and attire, this will be fun.

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